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Darlac Diamond Sharpener

A lightweight, pocket-sized Diamond Sharpener using real diamond particles to produce a much tougher sharpening surface than conventional sharpening stones - it lasts 50 times longer.

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Ideal for sharpening small cutting blades, such as scissors, secateurs, knives or small shears.

2" x ľ" (5cm x 19mm) robust sharpening surface.

Overall length 6" (15cm)

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Sharpening Top Tips.
You can use this Diamond Sharpener to re sharpen lots of different types of gardening tools. Follow these simple instructions to achieve ‘as new’ sharp blades:

Bypass Secateurs.
Bypass Secateurs have one blade which ‘by passes’ the fixed section of the secateurs. It is the outside of this blade which you should sharpen. First you should work out the original angle at which the blade was sharpened and follow this angle as closely as possible. Using the full sharpening section of the Diamond Sharpener, rub the blade in a circular motion, working your way evenly up and down the blade. To remove any burrs when complete simply hold the sharpener flat against the blade and rub across the surface once.

Anvil Secateurs.
Use the method described above, but this time you’ll be sharpening both sides of the cutting blade.

Gardening Knives. You want to re sharpen the blade of your knife so it is how it would have been when you first got it. To achieve this look at the blade to decide whether it was originally ground on one or both sides. Following the original angle at which the blade was ground, using a circular motion to rub the blade with the abrasive section of the Diamond Sharpener. When you’ve finished remove any burrs by rubbing over the blade once with the Diamond Sharpener flat against the blade.