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Claber Watering Kits & Components

Plants growing in your greenhouse rely on you to provide them with a consistent supply of water to ensure healthy growth. This is the same for seedlings that will eventually grow into plants which are planted outside or greenhouse crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers etc. which will crop whilst they are undercover. The best way to ensure consistent watering is to set up a watering system that will deliver water direct to your plants. You can set up a watering system that just requires you to turn it off and on at one point and all your plants will be watered. Or you can automate the watering system by adding a water timer. Claber have a number of Drip Watering Kits which are designed to make it easy for you to install a drip irrigation system in your greenhouse.

  • Claber Quick Clip Tap Connector


    Lever action connector for immediate and fully watertight connection. Made of high quality, sturdy and non-degrading plastic materials. Designed t...

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