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Claber Hosepipes and Hose Reels

A good quality garden hosepipe is an essential tool for the gardener. Claber have developed their range of garden hosepipes to ensure you get a good quality hose that will last for years - all Claber garden hoses are manufactured to resist abrasions, rotting, leaking, resist tangles and kinks, so making it easy and efficient for you to transport water around your garden without having to spend time untwisting kinks and twists which would prevent the constant flow of water.

Couple these with one of Clabers top quality, robust hose reels or hose trolleys and you can store or transport your hosepie around your garden with ease. All Claber hose reels are constructed in ABS plastic material as well as in aluminium/stainless steel, weather resistant and UV stabilized.

The reels are supplied in practical self-assembly kits, the various parts snap together without the need to use any tools.

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