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Guttermate Rain Diverter . . . For Easy Rainwater Collection

If you want to collect the rainwater which falls onto your house roof into a water butt you will need some form of connection to take water normally going down the downpipe on your house and divert it into a water butt. Simply the best solution we have found to enable you to achieve this easily and effectively is the Guttermate Rain Diverter.

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This simple piece of kit is easy to fit to round or square downpipes. It requires you to remove a piece of your plastic guttering – this should be done at the point of the downpipe which will be easy to access stood on the ground and is a suitable height to divert water to the water butt you have.

You then fit the bottom half of the Guttermate Rain Diverter onto the downpipe, then place the filter basket into place. Then fit the top half of the diverter into place. This top is easily lifted as required to enable you to reach the filter basket and keep the system running effectively.

Unlike standard diverters which need you to keep the downpipe clean, the filter basket of the Guttermate Diverter is easy to access, easy to remove, easy to clean and easy to replace. This allows you to remove any dirt, leaves or other debris which has been caught by the filter basket.

By collecting debris you are preventing it from entering your water butt, helping keep the rainwater you collect free of particles which could block the water butt tap or irrigation systems run from the water butt.



One of the other great features of the Guttermate Rain Diverter is that it is designed to automatically cut off the supply of water to the water butt when it is full, diverting the rainwater back into the downpipe. This means there is no risk of water spills or burst pipes as the water butt cannot be overfilled.

Click here to see our Guttermate Rain Diverter.

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