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Gardena Water Controls

Gardena Water Controls

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Using a Gardena Water Timer or Computer to control your watering ensures that your garden will be reliably and conveniently watered – even if you’re not at home!

gardena flex computer Gardena Select Computer gardena master computer 

A Water Computer can be used to control something as simple as a lawn sprinkler – so your computer screws onto your outside tap and is then connected to the garden hosepipe which is joined to your sprinkler. Or a computer could be used to control a Gardena Drip and Spray Irrigation System which you could have set up in your garden, greenhouse or both, to deliver water in the correct amounts and in the correct way to your individual plants.

In either situation, by adding a Water Computer you can programme to turn on at a given time, water for a given length of time and then repeat that sequence throughout the day or week. The more sophisticated the Water Computer is the more choices it will allow you to programme.

This means that ‘you’ can water your plants when you’re not at home . . . whether that’s when you’re off walking the dog, at work all day or sunning yourself on your summer holiday! So even if you’re away for weeks, you won’t need to bother asking someone to come to water your garden or greenhouse plants – your automated, programmed watering system will look after the watering for you.

By programming when watering occurs also means you can water your plants at the most effective times of day. That could be early in a morning or late in the evening, when there will be less sunshine, so less water evaporation resulting in less wastage of water.

The simplest water computer Gardena have designed is the Flex Water Computer.

All of Gardena's water computers have been designed to have removeable front panels to allow you to programme the computer in comfort rather than having to be bent over trying to set it whilst it is attached to your outside tap.  Simply remove the front panel and add a battery (not included). You can now programme the computer.

easy programming of water computers

To programme the Flex Water Computer you use the large rotary dial to select the starting time, the duration to water and the interval from one watering time to the next.

You confirm each selection using the button on the front panel. 

Once you have finished programming the computer simply fix the front panel back in place. 

Gardena have also built in an optional key lock to prevent the timings be adjusted in error – this is an excellent feature if the computer is being used where the general public can access the computer – for example if the computer is being used to water hanging baskets and tubs at a public house. This lock feature also means children can’t tamper with the settings either!

Ideal for watering pots, troughs and hanging baskets the Flex Water Computer allows you to set the watering duration to be as short as one second up to 99 minutes and have the ability to repeat this watering time up to 6 times a day. 

flex water timer in use

This is perfect when watering plants in pots, tubs, baskets etc. which have a limited volume of soil that means they can only hold a limited amount of water and therefore require frequent, small amounts of water for plants to remain healthy.  

Click here to see the Gardena Flex Computer.

gardena water now function

Most of us have only one outside tap and will tend to add the computer directly to it.

This means that if you want water for another reason – for example if you are filling a watering can – you would normally have to remove the timer to do that. 

Gardena have thought of this during the design of their Water Computers and all feature a ‘water now’ function. So you access water immediately without removing the computer from the tap or having to change the settings.

Gardena have also included ‘safe stop’ technology to their computers. This means that if the energy levels of the battery are too low to complete your pre-set watering sequence, then the watering sequence does not start. This means that the computer can’t be letting water through when the battery stops working and doesn’t have the power to turn off the water, resulting in water running continuously.

If you want more versatility than the Flex Water Computer provides step up to the Gardena Select Water Computer, the next in their range.

The Select Water Computer provides you with more flexibility when programming your watering schedule.

Three different and independent schedules can be created.

Within each of these schedules you can set the start time, the duration - from 1 minute up to 3 hours – and the days of the week you want watering to occur

setting gardena select water timer

Just like Gardenas other Water Computers, the Select model has a removeable front panel allowing you to set up the computer in comfort. This waterproof panel is easy to remove, allowing you to install a battery (not included) and then programme the computer using the rotary and push switch, whilst the LC display shows all the setting as a glance.


gardena select water timer

With the computer programmed and in place, the ‘water now’ function allows you to start watering immediately by simply pressing a button – so you don’t have to remove or re-programme the computer when you need to fill a watering can or want an adhoc watering session.

The Select computer will always work reliably due to the ‘safe stop’ technology. This means that if the levels of the battery are too low to completely control an irrigation process, then this process is not commenced. The battery level indication in the LC display also shows you when the battery needs to be replaced.

Click here to see the Gardena Select Computer.

The most sophisticated water computer Gardena have designed is the Master Water Computer.

It allows you to set up to six independent watering schedules, with the start time, duration and days for watering all being set from this one water computer.

fitting battery in master water timer       master water timer in use

For ease of programming the front panel can be unclipped and battery added (not included). You can then sit back and relax as you set up the schedules for watering your garden. Using the rotary and push switch you can set time, duration and date for each, with the large, easy to read LC display clearly showing all the settings at a glance.

Once everything is programmed simply click the control panel back into place on the computer.  

The Master Water Computer allows you to set any start time.

The watering duration can be set from 1 minute up to 4 hours – this computer offers the longest watering period.

The day your garden is watered can also be set.

gardena master computer in use

A clever function of this sophisticated water computer is that you can easily amend your set watering schedules based on the current weather. You can reduce the watering duration in 10% increments as to what you have set at the push of a button – ideal with the Great British Weather when you can suddenly hit by a downpour and then straight back to sunny weather. You can also stop watering during bad weather from one to seven days without having to re-programme computer.

Click here to see the Gardena Master Computer.

master computer water now function

This water computer also features Gardena's ‘Water Now’ function.

Using just a single button you can start watering immediately, without having to remove the computer from the tap or changing any settings.

This makes it easy if you just need to fill a bucket with water . . . or if you just want adhoc watering when its really dry.

Powered by 1 9 V alkaline battery (not included) as you will be relying on the water computer to control your watering – and especially if you are going to be away for a few days or weeks – its important that the battery doesn’t run out whilst your not at home. A battery level indicator on the LC display will enable you to see when the battery needs replacing. In addition, Gardena have added ‘Safe Stop’ technology to the timer. This means that if the battery power is to low to run a full sequence of watering, it will stop the sequence from starting. This means the computer won’t stay on if the battery were to run out during operation.

When used in conjunction with the Gardena Water Distributor, this computer will enable you to control up to six different watering devices.

This is really useful for those lucky enough to have large gardens.

But for those gardeners with poor water pressure, this combination of computer and distributor will let you split up your garden into manageable parts which your water pressure can cope with, watering each part at a different time.

Click here to see the Gardena Water Distributor.

Gardena Water Distributor 

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