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ROOF VENT for Elite Greenhouse

Please Note: This product can only be purchased at the same time as an Elite Greenhouse, it CAN NOT be ordered alone.
Roof vents in the top of your greenhouse allow you to reduce the temperature in your greenhouse during the summer months. Ventilation in your greenhouse is very important, you can’t have too much ventilation, but you can have too little.
So when purchasing a greenhouse we advise you to try to have at least two roof vents in a greenhouse 6’ x 6’, and even more in larger greenhouses.
This roof window is approximately 2’ square and includes a roof stay to enable you to latch the window closed or leave it open.
You can manually open and close the roof window, or attach an automatic opener (available separately e.g. GHXL) which will open the window when the temperature rises and close it agian as the temperature falls.
The frame of the roof vent can either be supplied in plain aluminium or with a coloured finish (choose the same finish as your greenhouse).
Available with either horticultural glass, toughened glass or polycarbonate (choose the same glazing as your greenhouse). Please note: this Elite Greenhouse Roof Vent should only be purchased at the same time as your Elite Greenhouse, for transportation reasons.

Elite roof vent frames only, can be purchased but you will need to contact us for details.

It is not suitable for fitting to any other make of greenhouse.
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To Use: Attach the control box to the side of your propagating tray with the temperature sensing rod positioned through a 9mm diameter hole so that it sits just below the surface of the sand on which the seed trays sit.
 The Rod Thermostat may also be used for sensing air temperatures.   We don't recommend this thermostat for use with mist propagation systems - a more suitable thermostat is the Professional Rod Thermostat (Product code - THPR).