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Rootrainer Rack

A strong, maintenance-free aluminium Rootrainer Rack specially designed to securely hold Rootrainers in place as you use them to grow seedlings and cuttings.

This product will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.

A safe, lightweight, sturdy aluminium rack.

Combines strong curved uprights, eliminating any sharp corners together with no protruding bolts & nuts once the unit is assembled.

Dimensions: 35˝" (89.5cm) long, 16" (40.5cm) wide.

Three sizes available:

One Level - 6" (15cm) high & will hold four Rootrainers.
Two Level - 24" (61cm) high & will hold eight Rootrainers (four per level).
Three Level - 42" (107cm) high & will hold twelve Rootrainers (four per level).
Rootrainers NOT included.

Learn more
Click Here to see the instructions for building this Rootrainer Rack.