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Mains Reservoir Tank

This Mains Reservoir Tank has been designed to reduce and steady the pressure of mains water to provide a suitable and continuous supply for running a ¼" drip system.

Plastic Tank - 4ľ" (12cm) x 6˝" (16.5cm) x 5" (13cm) deep with an aluminium lid, bracket & cropped bolt & nut for mounting in a greenhouse.

An internal Torbeck Valve - to control the water supply, to maitain a fixed head of water (just like in a toilet cistern).

Inlet connectors - ˝" Elbow & Hose Connector (accepting standard ˝" hosepipe) - to form the inlet for mains water connection.

Outlet connector - Tank to Ľ" Connector - to create an outlet to take Ľ" tubing.

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