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A black, semi-flexible 1/2" (13mm) hose - which gently 'weeps' water along its' entire length directly onto the soil.
Use on the surface or bury beneath the ground (up to 6"/13cm) - burying beneath the ground helps to prevent water evaporation & also prolongs the life of the hose.
Runs off mains water - Use standard 1/2" (13mm) hosepipe and fittings (not supplied - available to purchase separately) to connect to the mains water supply.
Environmentally friendly - it doesn't use much water and what is used is delivered accurately to your plants. Weeping Garden Hose is also made from recycled materials(normally car tyres).
Versatile - Ideal for watering outdoor or indoor crops such as strawberries, peas, beans, potato's, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. Weeping garden hose is also widely used in flower beds and along hedges
Application - Can be laid in straight lines or snaked around a bed, directing water to the areas where it's most needed. For plants grown in beds run lines of hose approx. 18"-20" (46cm-51cm) apart. 
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