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Gardena Adjustable Spray Nozzle Pack of 2

These versatile Gardena 6 Pattern Adjustable Spray Nozzles are suitable for use in flower beds, borders or vegetable plots & enable you to select the exact area to water with ease. 
The flow rate of the Nozzles is set at 35 litres per hour.

Providing a fine spray, the nozzle can be adjusted to cover either a:
90ş area up to 8' (2.5m) diameter. 
180ş area up to 8' (2.5m) diameter. 
270ş area up to 8' (2.5m) diameter. 
360ş area up to 6'6" (2m) diameter. 

Over a long narrow area in one direction up to approx. 16'6" (5m) by 3'3" (1m).

Over a long narrow area in both directions up to approx. 8' (2.5m) by 3'3" (1m).

To control the size of the area covered insert a Control Valve (available to purchase separately) into which the Spray Nozzle can be screwed. 

Gardena product code: 1396-20.

Supplied as a pack of 2. 
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