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Elite Extra Door

Please Note: This product can only be purchased at the same time as an Elite Greenhouse or Lean To Greenhouse, it CAN NOT be ordered alone.
Provides extra access into your chosen Elite greenhouse. A complete kit is supplied for you to fit an Extra door to the opposite end of your greenhouse or lean-to.
Or buy the door to add to your included single door to create a double door.

Please choose the door to match the one supplied as standard with your chosen greenhouse or lean-to.

NB. - Can only be ordered at the same time as the greenhouse or lean-to, as Elite have to make modifications to the main building in order for it to be accomodated.


Elite Extra Door

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Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses. Please allow 22 weeks for delivery (30 weeks for a painted model). 
Help The Driver
Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses. When placing an order, please consider the following questions and contact us when placing your order with any details:
Is your address hard to find? If so, please give landmarks near the property, e.g. across the road from the pub, near the school etc.
Are there any low bridges, narrow roads or any restrictions you can think of in gaining access to the property? 
Can we get there with our vehicle? - a 15 ton lorry, 30’ long, 11’4" high, 8’6" wide (similar to the size of a removal van)
Click here for advice on how to keep your Greenhouse cool.