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Automatic Water Reservoir

Reliable, constant watering can be achieved on benches or shelves by installing an Automatic Water Reservoir
A Plastic Tank - 4ľ" (12cm) x 6˝" (16.5cm) x 5" (13cm) deep, 1.4 Litre (2˝ pt) capacity.

Torbeck Control Valve - enables automatic filling. Starts & stops the water flow maintaining a constant level of water in the reservoir.

Fittings - to allow connection to a ˝" hose (use for mains or water butt supply) or to Ľ" tube (use for Overhead Tanks or Bags).

Anti Tip Brackets - complete with cropped bolts & nuts to give stability to trays and shelves.

Aluminium Lid - to reduce water evaporation & prevent algae growth.

Capillary Wick - to draw water from the reservoir onto capillary matting.

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How it Works.
The stainless steel cylinder contains a temperature sensitive mineral wax that expands as the temperature rises. This increases the pressure inside and pushes out a steel pin that is connected to arm of the opener.This arm then opens the roof vent. As the temperature drops, the wax contracts and allows the vent to close.