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Gro-Zone Gro-Cloche Max

When you need to provide loads of protected growing space this Gro-Zone Gro-Cloche Max is the answer, providing almost 18 sq. ft. of space for your plants to grow. It is ideal for raising seedlings and young plants as well as overwintering plants in the colder months. 
Perfect for use in your garden, it could also be used in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Its strong steel frame and reinforced cover creates a sturdy cloche that can be used all year round. 
Sturdy Frame - tubular steel with a powder-coated, weatherproof finish. Quick and easy assembly with 'push and lock fit' parts, no tools required.

Heavy duty, reinforced, shaped cover - made from high density PE. Features a large, roll-up, zipped panel to allow easy access to all the growing space. Top quality webbing and ties securely fasten the cover to the frame.

Dimensions 5ft 11in / 180cm wide x 3ft / 93cm deep x 3ft / 93cm high.

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What is vermiculite?
Vermiculite is the name given to a group of hydrated laminar minerals which look like mica. It is processed with a massive amount of heat which expands the vermiculite into pellets made up of multiple layers of thin plates. Vermiculite will not rot, deteriorate or mould and is enduring, odourless, non-toxic and sterile.

Top Tip
Vermiculite can be used on its own, without compost, at the start of the germination process. Simply mix larger seeds with vermiculite in a polythene bag and seal the bag. Keep the bag of seeds and vermiculite in a warm place until the seeds start to germinate - you can plant them singly into pots or trays of compost where they can continue to grow.