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Seacteurs, Loppers & Shears

Secateurs, Loppers and Shears are available in many different types - anvil and bypass, different cutting capabilities and many different styles to suit the individual. Anvil cutters are suited best to heavy duty pruning and cutting through thicker branches. The Anvil action pinches what you're cutting between the blade and the base plate, creating a cut similar to that of a knife. They tend to have a more rounded appearance than bypass models and will be suitable for either right or left handed gardeners. Bypass cutters tools are ideal for accurate or delicate cutting and trimming. They basically work like a pair of scissors would, with the cut being made when the blades pass by each other. So it's easy to remove side shoots close to the main stem of a plant with these secateurs as they'll give a very clean cut within crushing the stem. You'll find nearly all bypass secateurs, loppers and Shears are made to suit right-handed gardeners.

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