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Classic Ratchet Secateurs

These Ratchet Pruners will cut through anything from the finest twig to a 25mm branch with ‘ridiculous’ ease! Tests have shown that Ratchet Pruners require 30% less pressure than conventional secateurs; this is because the ratchet action multiplies the pressure used so only light pressure is required to cut through branches. 
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Easy To Use - the Super Classic Ratchet Secateurs have to be the easiest you will ever use! Whilst suitable for all gardeners, they are essential for anyone who can't grip strongly.

Simple Squeeze and Release Action - to open the pruners simply squeeze the handles together. To close, squeeze the handles together and re-locate the locking button.

For Thick Branches - place the pruner firmly over the branch as far as possible, squeeze the handles together until resistance is felt and then allow the handles to open until one click is heard. Repeat this action until you’ve cut all the way through.

For Thinner Branches And Flowers - simply use as normal secateurs.

Carbon Steel Blade - this has a knife like edge (easily sharpened with a Darlac Diamond Sharpener) and is Teflon coated to ease friction and give a high degree of rust resistance.