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Telescopic Expandable Rake

When you're short on space this Telescopic Expandable Rake is ideal. When not in use collapse down for compact storage. When you're ready to use it simply extend the handle to make it a comfortable working height for you. Depending on what you're using the rake for you can easily adjust the width of the tines - widen when using on lawns as a leaf rake, narrow when you're working in borders.
The telescopic handle extends from 31" up to 63" (79cm - 160cm) with a simple twist lock mechanism. This allows you to fix the perfect working height, helping you to avoid back ache.

The width of the 15 fine, stainless steel tines can be adjusted to suit the space you're working in, using the tines closer together when you're working amongst borders, widening the tines when it's being used on a lawn.

Weight 920g