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Iriso Drip Watering Kits & Components

Efficiently watering your plants in your garden requires you to be able to supply them with the water they need, when they need it and without any wastage.
The Iriso Watering System is good for garden watering as the Iriso Dripper - the main component of the system - can be adjusted to suit the watering requirements of the plant - from as little as 150 mls per day for smaller plants up to 2 litres per day for larger shrubs or trees. So using the same watering system you will be able to water all your garden plants, no matter their size, age or watering requirements. As the Iriso Drippers steadily drip water onto the surface of the compost next to your plant, no water is wasted and it gets straight to the place it's needed most - the roots of your plants - without any wastage through evaporation.