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Iriso Drip Watering Kits & Components

Greenhouse Iriso Drip Watering Kits can be used in a greenhouse to keep greenhouse crops, such as tomatoes, well watered. You will need to have either a water butt or tank to store the water for the drip system - so the water butt or tank acts as the reservoir for the water. You can purchase complete kits which provide you with all the components to take the water from the reservoir and deliver it to your plants. Or you can create your own watering system by purchasing the components individually. Although the Iriso Drip System is one of the simplest available, it provides you with lots of control when it comes to watering your plants. This is because the Iriso Drippers which you place close to your plants to 'drip' water can be adjusted to supply between 150ml up to 2 litres per day simply by turning the top of the dripper. In this way the Iriso Drip System lets you provide differing amounts of water to suit the different requirements of your plants.