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Hose Connectors & Fittings

A hosepipe provides a convenient way of applying a large amount of water to your garden with minimum effort. You can make-do with a simple, open-ended hose, using your thumb to regulate the flow of water. However, you can greatly improve the versatility of the hose by using these special hose fittings. We stock all the standard hose connectors, such as hose couplings, hose repairers, threaded tap connectors etc. All the connectors are designed to give fast, secure connection - and by simply pulling, the connection they can be released. So it's easy and quick to change over watering appliances and still retain a watertight connection. This becomes even more efficient if you use hose fittings that incorporate a 'water stop'. These 'water stop' fittings mean you don't have to go back to turn off the water before swapping over watering appliances - by simply removing the appliance the water if stopped by the fitting.