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Hanging Basket Watering

If you want your hanging baskets to be bold and bright, overflowing with healthy green plants and loads of flowers it's important that you keep your hanging baskets supplied with an ample amount of water on a regular basis. In the height of summer you will need to water hanging baskets every day, ideally once in the morning and once in the evening, if you want the flowers to keep coming. With so much water required you need to find some time saving ways to make watering your baskets easy and efficient. If you're watering your baskets using a watering can then fit Hilos to the baskets so that you can bring them down to water and pop them back up in position once watered. If you're watering baskets using a hosepipe, try to get a watering lance to fit to the end of the hose - one that's adjustable so that you can direct water into the centre of the basket. Or, for really efficient watering set up an automatic watering system for your baskets.

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