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Grow Pots & Bags

Grow Pots have been developed to help you grow greenhouse crops - such as tomatoes, peppers, aubergines etc - easily, so that even the novice gardener can get a bumper harvest. To do this, the Grow Pots are designed to solve the problem of keeping the plants well watered. Grow Pots are especially suited when using grow bags. The pots are placed on top of the grow bag and provide your plants with more compost in which to grow and provide you with a reservoir into which you can pour the water which then seeps into the compost.

Watering is crucial when it comes to growing tomatoes, so anything that can help you keep your plants supplied with a constant amount of water without water logging is a great help. Irregular watering can cause two main problems for your tomato crop. Firstly, with irregular watering the fruits can split so wasting the fruit. The second problem is 'blossom end rot' which are unsightly black patches on the underside of the fruit - again caused by irregular watering. So it's really important that you use the correct plant pots to grow tomatoes - so that even if you haven't got a lot of free time, you can still ensure your plants are well watered.