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Multipurpose Lola Float Valve

The Multipurpose Float Valve works like a toilet cistern ballcock allowing water in until it reaches the level of the valve and then automatically turning it off - maintaining a constant level in your primary water tray or reservoir.
Use it together with an additional reservoir tank to keep your Quadgrow or Triplegrow Planters automatically topped up, water trays with plant pots in supplied with water or even pet and livestock drinking stations supplied.
Kit Includes - 1x Lola Float Valve, 1.5m of tubing, 1x Outlet Fitting with Filter.

Valve Size - Approx. 60mm diameter and 60mm high.

If you would like a tank plus float valve please CLICK HERE for full details.

How to use -
- Make a 12mm hole in the side of your water tray or reservoir (please note this will need to be deep enough to accommodate the valve) positioning the hole at the height that you want to maintain the water level at.
- Push the float valve through this hole, with the main body of the valve inside your water tray or reservoir.
- Push one end of the tubing (fitted with the rigid fitting and filter) into your float valve.
- Make a 9mm hole in your chosen header tank (tank not supplied).
- Fit the rubber grommit into the hole.
- Push the other end of the tubing (fitted with the rigid fitting and filter) into this grommet.
- Fit the white plastic mesh filter over the protruding tube on the inside of your tank.
- Position your header tank 20cm above your water tray or reservoir.
- Fill your water tray or reservoir with water up to the level of the centre of the valve.
- Fill your header tank.

PLEASE NOTE: This valve is only suitable for use with a header tank it is not suitable for use with mains pressure or pumped water.