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For Crop Protection

Crop protection netting is designed to keep your plants -soft fruit, vegetables, seedlings or newly sown lawn - safe from a wide range of pests. Simply select the correct net to deter the pests damaging your crops - these could be small animals, such as cats, through to birds, butterflies and as small as carrot fly or even just the elements, such as driving winds..

Protect your fruit and vegetable crops from birds using either our pigeon netting or bird netting - this net has a small enough mesh to protect your crops, whilst being large enough that birds don't become entangled in it. For protection from butterflies - such as cabbage whites - use our butterfly netting - remembering that butterfly netting will stop bees so it will need to be removed when your crops are in flower so they can be pollinated.

To keep insects away from your crops cover them with enviromesh. This is such a fine mesh that it will protect your plants from carrot fly, cabbage root fly, aphids, caterpillars etc whilst still allowing water to reach your plants. To protect your plants from being damaged by high winds use our Windbreak Netting, which can reduce windspeeds by up to 50%.

You can use our nets and meshes to cover frames, cages or cloches or drape the net over fruit trees or bushes. It's also light enough to be placed over crops without any other support, simply hold in place using ground pegs.