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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Greenhouse Insulation Packs

SPECIAL OFFER Discounted Prices
Our Greenhouse Insulation Packs provide you with all you need to insulate an aluminium greenhouse, which enables you to efficiently to use your greenhouse during the colder times of year. Simply select the Pack to suit your size of greenhouse and we will send you sufficient UV light stabilised Heatsheets to completely line your greenhouse, together with all the fixings necessary to hold it securely in place.
Ideally suited to greenhouses with glazing bar spacings of 24inch, but can also be easily used in greenhouses with any glazing bar spacing widths.

These special offer prices represent a saving against normal RRP, when all the components are bought individually.

For further information scroll down to see more details below.
Original price £53.00 - Original price £272.00
Original price
£53.00 - £272.00
Current price £53.00
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Each pack includes the following:

Specially manufactured for greenhouse environments, our UV light stabilised Heatsheets are formed from two layers of polythene which have been welded together to form small "air bubbles" (10mm diameter). Supplied in rolls which are 29½in / 75cm wide making it very easy to attach to standard 2ft / 61cm glazing channels, but can also be used in greenhouse with any sized glazing bar spacings.
UV light stabilised we would expect you to be able to reuse them for at least three years.

Super Alliplugs
These reusable fixings make it quick and easy for you to hold the heatsheets securely in place on the inside of aluminium greenhouses. The Alliplug is simply pushed through the Heatsheets, twisted and locked in position in the glazing bar. A washer stops the heatsheets from ripping.

Alliplug Corner Adaptors
If there is no glazing channel in the corner of your greenhouse, these Adaptors enable the Heatsheets to be held in place.

All Weather Tape
This strong, transparent, weatherproof tape is used to hold the Heatsheets in place around doors and windows. Each roll is 5cm (2") wide and 10 metres (33') long.

Double Sided Tape
When you need to overlap pieces of Heatsheets this Tape will hold the pieces firmly together. It is specially manufactured so that it will not deteriorate when exposed to sunlight or moisture. Each roll is 12mm wide and 33 metres long (approx. ½ inch x 100 ft).

To see the quantities of everything you will receive please look under the 'Learn More' tab. 
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Click here to see information on what you will receive when ordering an insulation pack for your greenhouse.