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Whitefly Killer

Whitefly Killer works by physical contact. Simply mix with water and use a fine sprayer to target insects, taking care to spray undersides of leaves where whitefly hide.
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Whitefly can be a serious problem on many greenhouse crops, especially tomatoes, cucumbers and a number of ornamental plants especially Fuchsia, whilst cabbage whitefly can be a serious pest of brassica crops in the garden. This Whitefly Killer is a chemical free solution to help you keep plants clear of these pests. By Spraying the whitefly you cover them in a sticky film which effectively causes them to suffocate.

Supplied as a 500ml concentrate which will make 5 litres of spray.

This Whitefly Killer is chemical free being based on seaweed extracts.

To use measure 100ml of the concentrate and mix with clean water to make 1 litre of spray solution. Apply with a fine spray ensuring coverage of the target insects - it is particularly important that the undersides of the leaves are treated. When the insect problem is at its most severe, treat it at weekly intervals.

IMPORTANT - NOT SUITABLE for young plants with less than 6 leaves. NEVER SPRAY under hot, bright conditions or some scorch may occur. STORE IN A SAFE PLACE out of the reach of children.