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The kit is not of a fixed width, it wll fit 90% of all greenhouses, the width of the kit is determined by the spacing of your glazing bars.
 The kit consists of: Right Hand Fitment - with opening handle, Left Hand Fitment and Fixing Bolts.
 NB- four bolts are included for fitting the kit to an aluminium greenhouse - these will need to be substituted for wood screws (not supplied) if the kit is to be fitted in a wooden greenhouse.
 The finished louvre will measure 17.5" (44.5cm) from top to bottom, the width depends on the distance between glazing bars.
Please Note: NO glass is included with the kit.
NB Automate the operation of this Louvre kit by adding an Auto Louvre opener (Product Code VELO) this will ensure your louvre kit opens and closes with increases and decreases in temperature without the need for your intervention. 
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To avoid excessive temperatures it is important to have an adequate number of vents in the greenhouse - the vent area should be at least 1/5th that of the floor area. For existing greenhouses it is often difficult to fit new roof opening windows - adding a Louvre Kit is an easy alternative and will also help to increase air movement in the greenhouse which is important all year round to offset the risk of plant disease and damage.
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