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Guttermate Rain Diverter

The award winning Guttermate Rainwater Diverter is the only rain water diverter and rain water saver which diverts and filters all the water before it goes into your water butt or soakaway. Filtering leaves and other debris before the water enters your water butt keeps the stored water healthy whilst keeping leaves and other debris from entering your soakaway will prevent it from becoming clogged and less able to deal with the water delivered.
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The Guttermate will also turn off automatically when your water butt is full or can easily be disconnected from your water butt and capped off should you wish to.
It’s easy to fit to round or square downpipes and comes with everything you need to fit it in place and connect it to a water butt.

A smart, long lasting black polypropylene body.

Supplied with the fixing screws and mounting bracket to fix in place.

Can be fitted to round downpipes up to 80mm in diameter or 75mm square downpipes.

The built in filter collects any debris, leaves, stones, moss etc. within the water and is quick and easy to access to clean out the filter.

Downpipe / Drainpipe Sizes
The Gutter Mate is designed to accept 80mm diameter and 75mm square downpipes, without any adaptors or reducers, other than the square to round adaptor supplied with the filter. This adaptor is used if your square downpipe is fitted using 'close fitting mounting brackets' to your house. If the downpipe is fitted with 'standoff mounting brackets', the square to round adaptor is not needed.
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