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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Green Johanna Hot Composter 330 litre

The Green Johanna Hot Composter was designed in Sweden to provide a simple, easy to use compost system that could safely compost both garden and kitchen waste - importantly all food waste including meat, fish, bones, cooked and processed foods - into a usable compost for your garden. 

Although the Green Johanna looks like an ordinary compost bin it incorporates certain features which allows you to compost cooked and processed foods - these include a specially designed base which makes it rodent proof and an adjustable ventilation system. 
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The Green Johanna Hot Composter consists of:

Lid - ventilation holes in the lid allow you to adjust air circulation and temperature. 

Four Outer Rings - these make up a 'round' shape which ensures there are no cold corners and that heat spreads evenly through the compost. Whilst the decreasing diameter of the composter means compost shouldn't stick to the sides but sinks towards the centre. This lets air circulate, oxygenating the compost. 

Base - this has a series of 1" holes in it to allow naturally occurring insects and worms to gain access which will help the composting process, whilst keeping out larger rodents. They also let excess water out into the ground. Four inward facing air vents lead in from the base plate, allowing air to flow upwards into the container.

Two Doors - two sliding doors at the base of the composter make it easy for you to inspect progress and to remove the compost when it's ready. The simplest way to remove the compost is to rake it out using the missing stick.

Mixing Stick - made from wood the stick has two metal wings at one end. The wings will fold when you push the stock into the composting material and unfold when you pull it out again. This oxygenates the compost and you should do this every time you add waste into the composter, blending the new materials into the old. The stick should only be pushed into the top layer (the first 4-6 inches) as only the top layer needs to be aerated. 

Instruction Manual - building the Green Johanna is simple just follow the manufacturers instructions, building from the base and adding, aligning and screwing into place one layer at a time. All you'll need is a Philips type screwdriver and the process will take approx. 10 minutes. 

Siting Your Hot Composter - the Green Johanna should be placed directly onto level soil or grass, preferably in an area of your garden that is partly sunny and partly in the shade. 

Size - approximately 37" (94cm), 32" (82cm) diameter at base, 21" (54cm) diameter at base. Weight 9.5kg. Capacity 330 litres.

What To Add To This Composter

 You can add food waste - this includes vegetables, fruit, dairy products, bread, meat, bones, fish, soup, egg shells, coffee filters, tea bags, household paper and egg cartons.

You can add garden waste - this includes pot plants, wilted flowers, grass clippings, leaves, twigs, weeds, bark etc. 

It's important to layer the waste properly - ideally one part garden waste or soil to two parts food waste. Best practice is to cover each layer of food waste with a layer of garden waste. 

How Long Does IT Take
Depending on the conditions it should take between 4-6 months for your compost to be ready to use. It's ready when it looks and feels like soil, smells pleasant and crumbles easily. 
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