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Elite Classique 12' 6" Wide Greenhouse

PLEASE NOTE: Despatched direct from manufacturer please allow 22 weeks for delivery of plain / 30 weeks for painted greenhouses. 

The ultimate gardening experience is found within the framework of the Elite Classique Greenhouse. This leviathan of greenhouses bulges with growing potential from its incredible working area, making it a sensational glasshouse ideal for the larger garden. 
Standard Features:
 Dimensions -
 4’6" (1360mm) high to Eaves (excluding base)
 8’7" (2610mm) high to Ridge (excluding base)
 Available in lengths from 2’5" (737mm) up to 20’5" (6284mm)
Door - 4’ wide (1210mm) double sliding door.
Ventilation - Via Roof Vents and Louvre's as detailed - 
 No roof vents or louvre's with the 2'5" long model,
 All other models include two side louvre's,
 Two roof vents included with the 4'5", 6'5", 8'5", 10'5" and 12'5" long models,
 Three roof vents with the 14'5" long model,
 Four roof vents with the 16'5", 18'5" and 20,5" long models.
Glazing options:
Horticultural Glass: - 3mm thick, overlapping glass sheets.
Toughened Safety Glass: - in the event of a breakage, the glass granulates removing any danger of injury. Elite only use Grade A toughened glass to Standard EN12150 which is primarily in full length sheets providing a neater finish and removes any overlapping glass where algae and moss can often be a problem.
Polycarbonate: - UV treated 6mm thick, twin wall with taped edges and supplied where possible as full sheets. This is a great option where children and pets are concerned as it's virtually unbreakable.
Frame Features:
10 year frame guarantee.
Available with either a plain mill finish or with powder coating - powder coating gives the greenhouse a professional, attractive finish which is also hard wearing, providing protection to yur aluminium frame for many years, avialable in Green, White, Brown and Graphite.
 Elite only use high tensile nuts and bolts which have been scientifically tested to be 2˝ times stronger than standard aluminium bolts. They will not shear, so maintaining the strength of your greenhouse throughout its growing life.
 Stainless steel clips are used throughout which eradicate the fears of rust, warp and rot.
 Aluminium gutters are built in as standard, adding additional strength to the existing structure and enabling you to add a rainwater collection kit to collect and recycle rainwater.
 Fingertip sliding doors provide easy use. 

Please Note
 The dimensions provided for greenhouses are 'nominal'. A nominal size is used for identification purposes only and will not match the exact dimensions of the product. We can supply you with exact dimensions which will allow you to prepare a base in advance if you need to.
 These greenhouses are supplied direct from the manufacturers. Whilst every attempt is made for your order to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition we strongly recommend that no arrangements for installation involving third party contractors are made until you are in receipt of your goods and have checked that they are satisfactory. 
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Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses. Please allow 22 weeks for delivery (30 weeks for a painted model). 
Help The Driver -
 Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses. When placing an order, please consider the following questions and contact us when placing your order with any details:
 Is your address hard to find? If so, please give landmarks near the property, e.g. across the road from the pub, near the school etc.
 Are there any low bridges, narrow roads or any restrictions you can think of in gaining access to the property? 
 Can we get there with our vehicle? - a 15 ton lorry, 30’ long, 11’4" high, 8’6" wide (similar to the size of a removal van).
 For foundation and base recommendations from the manufacturers Elite Click Here
Click here for advice on deciding on the best site for your greenhouse. 
Click here for advice on how to keep your Greenhouse cool.