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Darlac Swop Top Telescopic Riser

This Telescopic Riser fits between any of the Swop Top Bases and Sprinkler Heads from the Darlac Swop Top watering range.
The Telescopic Riser is designed to increase the height when watering by up to 31".
So it’s ideal for watering vegetable or flower gardens, beds and borders as it will lift the water above the height of the plants ensuring the maximum coverage is achieved.

This Telescopic Riser is 16" (42cm) when closed and 31" (78cm) long when fully open - it can be locked in the closed position, or for greater height unlock and the power of the water pressure with automatically control the height the riser reaches.

Please Note: not suitable for use with the Darlac Impulse Sprinkler.

Darlac product code: DP370