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Composting Worms

Despatched direct from the stockists please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

If you are setting up a wormery for the first time then you will need to purchase some Composting Worms to do all the work. You can’t just dig up worms from your garden as you need worms that like to work near the surface of the soil whereas earthworms take waste from the surface of the soil and then carry it underground. 
Eating up to their own weight in food daily makes these composting worms ideal as they will eat large quantities of dead organic material and leave castings behind so creating a speedy composting process.
You will also find composting worms being called tiger worms, brandlings, reds or dendras. 
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A mixture of species but including mainly reds and dendras. These species have excellent composting abilities and will work well in a wormery. A mixture of worms works best as some worms prefer slightly more acidic conditions than others.

Surface litter worms unlike the worms which you find in your garden (lob worms – lumbricus terrestris) these reds and dendras like to work in the top few inches of the soil making them ideal for wormeries. You will find these species of worms naturally in manure heaps or on the forest floor.

Prolific eaters these composting worms will feed on a range of organic waste and the microorganisms living in that waste and will eat up to their own weight in food daily. They mature in a matter of weeks and can lay an egg every 10 days or so.   

Size : 
250g - approximately 400-500 worms
500g - approximately 800-1000 worms.