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Compost Accelerator

Speed up the composting process in traditional compost heaps, bins or tumblers with this biological Compost Accelerator. A mix of specially selected microbes and enzymes this chemical free powder can be used wet or dry.

Each pack contains five 10g sachets. Each sachet can treat up to 600 litres of waste. 
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For best results you should treat each layer with Compost Accelerator as you build the compost heap. It's really easy to add and can be applied either wet or dry:

To use wet simply add one sachet to a full watering can. Stir briefly and then sprinkle on to fresh waste in your compost heap.

To use dry mix the contents of one sachet with sand or dry soil and sprinkle over fresh waste.

Each pack contains five sachets of soluble powder. Each sachet can treat up to 600 litres or 15 bin bags of waste.