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Hose Reels & Trolleys

Garden Hoses can be untidy in your garden, sprawling across patios and crisscrossing over lawns, so using a Garden Hose Reel will make it easy for you to keep the garden hose neatly stored until it's needed next. Garden Hose Reels are a simple, safe and effective way of storing, delivering and retrieving your garden watering hose. Not only providing neat storage for your hose, a Garden Hose Reel also helps to protect the hose from excessive wear and tear, so extending the life of your hose. Remember when selecting a Garden Hose Reel for an existing garden hose, make sure that the reel is large enough to hold all the hosepipe - the holding capacity of the Garden Hose Reels will be shown in their details.

A garden hose trolley - also known as a hose cart - is simply a wheeled trolley with a central cylinder around which your garden hose is wound. A convenient handle on the hose trolley means it's easy to wind up the hose when it's not in use. It keeps the hosepipe accessible and makes it easy to store when not in use. Where the water supply comes from a number of sources, a hose trolley is more convenient than a hose reel as it is easier to move around. This also means, that using a hose trolley or cart will make watering in large gardens faster and easier.

  • Gardena Wall Mounted Hose Box

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    PLEASE NOTE - 35 metre size is out of stock until mid September - order now to reserve stock. Available in three sizes: 15 Metre Hose Reel - Garden...

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    from £119.99