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Garden Watering Cans

Garden Watering Cans that you use outdoors in the garden will inevitably be larger than that used for watering your house plants. Larger Garden Watering Cans will be heavier when full, so by selecting a well designed watering can will make it easier for you to carry it when full and deliver the water to where it's needed. It's a good idea to choose a watering can with a long spout - this makes it easier for you to reach plants at the back of flower beds. Good quality Garden Watering Cans with long spouts will have a spout brace - this means that you can use two hands when carrying and pouring the watering can - one around the handle and one around the spout brace - so balancing the watering can when it's full will be easier. When selecting the size, remember that water is heavy so carrying a large, full watering can will be more difficult that carrying two smaller cans - one in each hand.