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Forest Garden Timber Planters

A quick and easy way to add colour and structure to your garden is to add a planter. We have selected this range of Timber Planters from Forest Garden to provide a range of size and styles to suit every garden. All the planters have been made in the UK using timber that is FSC certified - this means the timber has come from properly managed forests and controlled sources.

To offer support to climbing plants select a planter which incorporates a trellis or lattice - such as the Toulouse Planter. These types of planter are great for adding a splash of colour and height without blocking out light.

Forest also manufactures a range of high level planters, which make it easy for you to garden without needing to bend - such as the Bamburgh Wooden Planter Table. Planters of this type are great for growing your own vegetables, salad crops and fruits - keeping them at an easily accessible height for easy harvesting.