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Flower Pots

Traditional flower pots were made of clay, nowadays most gardeners choose to use plastic pots which are lighter to carry, easier to clean and cheaper than clay pots. Available in a wide range of sizes, flower pots are used for a variety of purposes within the home, greenhouse or garden. When propagating from seeds or cuttings, if you only want to plant a small selection, using a small flower pot is perfect - you can fit lots of small pots inside a heated propagator and they are small enough to sit on a windowsill. If you want a large sized pot for housing a house plant or to create a display of plants on your patio, large sized flower pots are ideal. Even when full of compost they are easier to move than their clay equivalents - so can be turned to consistent growth all around the pot.

When using Flower Pots as temporary homes for plants, we recommend that you buy plant pots that are wider at the top than the base - this makes removing the plant from the pot without damaging the rootball much easier. For maximum stability - important for larger size pots - choose pots that are almost as deep as they are wide, making them very stable when full with compost, as well as providing lots of room for root growth.