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Warming Pad

Providing an even base heat, these easy to use Warming Mats are a simple way to increase germination success.
These Bio Green warming pads have been designed to work safely and accurately within a greenhouse or household environment.

SKU WP1014
Versatile - Manufactured from a flexible rubber, they are easily rolled up and stored away when not in use (ideal for those gardeners with limited space).

Safety - The warming mats have a IP67 splash-proof rating.

Quick & Easy to use - Supplied ready to plug in.

Use - Will provide a lift of 11*C / 20*F above the ambient temperature, ideal for encouraging successful germination of seedlings or cuttings. Success and economic running will be improved by the addition of a suitable thermostat.
Pots, seed trays or plug trays can be placed directly onto the mat. Or for extra humidity place a piece of water matting or capillary matting between the pad & the pots.

Available in three sizes:
10" x 14" (25.4cm x 35.5cm),
12" x 24" (30.5cm x 61cm),
16" x 25" (40.6cm x 63.5cm).

First Image shows the Waming Mat being used with a Propagation Thermostat (available to purchase seperately). Using with the thermostat allows you to accurately control the temperature of the Warming Pad.