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Self Watering Trays

SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Packs Available.
These Self-Watering Trays have been developed to enable simple, efficient automatic watering of house plants, bedding plants, seedlings etc - plants actually look after themselves !
By just standing your pot plants or seed boxes on the trays & they take up water as and when they need it from the reservoir below - no more over watering! These self watering trays, from full, can last up to two weeks, so giving simple holiday watering cover.
 SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE up to £7.50 against purchasing two single units. 
Quick & easy to install in the home, conservatory & greenhouse. 
 Trays hold sufficient water to keep your plants watered for up to 2 weeks without the need for refilling.
 Each self-watering tray consists of a watertight, plastic base tray which forms a water reservoir; placed in this is a raised insert.
 Made from long-lasting, strong aluminium the insert gives the necessary flat surface for efficient capillary watering (no puddles).
 The insert is covered with capillary matting which stays moist by drawing up water from the reservoir. 
 Available in six sizes.
First image shows the 39 1/2" and the 29 3/4" models. 
 16" x 12Ľ" - 1ľ" Deep, in Green (41cm x 31cm x 4.5cm)
 29Ľ" x 7" - 1ľ" Deep, in Green (74cm x 18cm x 4.5cm)
 24" x 24" - 2ľ" Deep, in Black (61cm x 61cm x 7cm)
 31" x 15˝" - 2" Deep, in Green (79cm x 39cm x 5cm)
 39˝" x 16" - 2" Deep, in Black (100cm x 41cm x 5cm)
 47Ľ" x 21ľ" - 2" Deep, in Black (120cm x 55cm x 5cm).

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