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Potting Bench Shelf

Add this high level Potting Shelf to your Potting Bench to create a truly professional potting area. It's surprising how invaluable this little shelf will prove - you can keep everything close to hand which makes 'pricking-out' & 'potting-on' easier!

This product will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.

Ideal for storing tools, rooting powder, small pots etc.

Supplied with 21˝" (54.5cm) uprights which bolt directly onto the Potting Bench.

When assembled the overall height of the combined bench & shelf is 56" (142cm).

Dimensions: 8" (20cm) wide, 24" (61cm) long & 2" (5cm) deep.

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Top Tips For Growing Potatoes
from the makers of the Potato Pots

You can start harvesting up to two weeks earlier by pre-sprouting or ‘chitting’ the seed potatoes. Place them in a light, frost free location with the bud end upwards. Egg boxes are ideal for this as it stops the potatoes falling over. This can be done in February.

The process can be started in a greenhouse but once the potatoes have sprouted they should be moved outdoors.

Potatoes cannot withstand frost. If there is a chance of frost, move the pot indoors overnight, or cover with garden fleece.

Use ‘early’ or salad potato varieties.

Re-plant in August for a Christmas crop!

Planting approx. March 15th = new potatoes approx. May 15th.
Planting approx. April 1st = new potatoes approx. June 1st.