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Save up to 50% of the heating costs in your greenhouse by installing this greenhouse insulation, otherwise known as 'Heatsheets'.
 This UV stabilised bubble material will insulate your greenhouse helping to keep an unheated greenhouse frost free and will also greatly reduce fuel consumption when heating a greenhouse. 

Material - Manufactured from two layers of clear, UV stabilised, polythene welded together to form air "Bubbles" (3/8"/10mm diameter) which create a triple glazed effect.
 Life - UV stabilised, If handled with care will last for several seasons.
Dimensions :
26" (66cm) wide- This width allows a 1" (25mm) overlap for easy fixing to the glazing channels of a standard 2ft. (61cm) glazed greenhouses.
 Either supplied in a continuous length (anything up to 485ft) so you can purchase as many metres as you require - then simply cut to any size or shape (triangles etc.) as required.
 Select one of our pre determined packs, where we have calculated the exact amount you require to insulate your own greenhouse. If you are unsure of how many metres to purchase to insulate your greenhouse simply 
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