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Gripple Joiners & Tensioners

As part of the Gripple Universal Plant Support System these strong, reusable Joiners have been designed to remove the need for twisting and knotting of support wire which can cause weak points. 
Manufactured from robust, black plastic.

Within the joiners are high quality serrated rollers which allow the support wire (available to purchase separately) to pass smoothly through in one direction only, if any load is applied in the opposite direction, the rollers bite, locking the wire in place.

With two channels in each joiner they can be used to produce secure joins & allow minimum effort to be used to create highly tensioned wires for maximum support as plants grow.

To reuse the joiners, simply cut the wire & pull back though the joiner.

Dimensions: 1˝" (4cm) long x 1Ľ" (3cm) wide.

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Please note : designed to be used as part of the Gripple Universal Plant Support System.

Verdict from Stuart Jackson, Gardening Correspondent for Radio Sheffield

"Worked like a dream (on sweet peas and runner beans) with no sag for the whole summer and looks as good as new for next season".


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