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Extractor Fan Only

Extracting air from your greenhouse is very important in the Summer months when temperatures rise and heat builds up.
Simply fit the powerful Extractor Fan within your greenhouse, plug in, switch on and the fan will draw the hot air out of your greenhouse, thus safe guarding your plants.
By using the extractor fan at the same time as having the door or windows open, air will be circulated throughout your greenhouse for a healthier growing environment. 
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Fan Speed: 2000 rpm - moves 400 cubic metres of air per hour (for example in an area 8’ x 12’ the air would be changed every 3˝ minutes) 

Wattage: 32 watts.

Size: 8½ inch (21.5cm) diameter x 2 1/8" (5.5cm) deep (please note these are not fixing dimensions) 
Hole Size Required in Glass / Panel - Min 183mm / Max 188mm.
Max Glass / Panel thickness - 8mm.

Weight: 1.06kg (2˝ lbs) 

To install - you’ll need to cut a hole in a pane of your greenhouse glass to mount the fan, to be the most effective the extractor fan should be fitted as high as possible.

Please Note: Maximum glass thickness this unit can be mounted in is 8mm.
Learn more
Click Here to read instructions for installing this extractor fan.