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Economy Seed Trays

Low cost, good quality Economy Seed Trays deep enough to grow seedlings until they are ready to be potted-up and strong enough to be reused season after season. 
SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of 25 Seed Trays and you make a saving by buying in bulk. 
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Great Size: Ideal for raising seedlings until they are large enough to pot-up.

Strong: Manufactured from good quality, rigid plastic for use season after season.

Thoughtful Design: Drainage holes in the base help prevent seedlings from becoming water logged and enables them to be used efficiently on water matting or capillary matting.

Dimensions: 14 inches (37cm) long, 9 inches (23cm) wide & 2 inches (5cm) deep.

Available as a pack of 6 or 25 trays 
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Did You Know ?
When gardeners refer to ‘potting on’ they are talking about transferring a plant from its existing pot into a larger one.
When you’re planting into a into a larger plant pot, you should choose a pot that is either one, or ideally two, sizes larger than the existing pot. To make it easier for you when potting on, water the plant in its existing pot about half an hour before hand. The plant will then be easier to remove from its existing pot without damaging its roots. If you do find that the roots of the plant have started to coil around when they’ve reached the bottom of the pot, gently ease the roots out before planting into the new plant pot.