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Dibber and Widger Planting Set

The Dibber and Widger Set is a useful set of tools for "pricking-out" and "potting-on" - make holes with the Dibber and gently lift seedlings with the Widger. 
Robust plastic tools, easy to clean.

Use Dibber to make holes for seeds or cuttings - measurements shown in inches & centimetres on the Dibber for easy planting.

Use either end of the Widger for gentle removal of new seedlings or rooted cuttings when potting on.

Dimensions: Dibber - 6" (15.5cm) long, Widger - 6" (15.5cm) long. 
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The idea is that the fresh air, being constantly pumped in to the propagator, maintains a healthier atmoshpere by helping reduce the risk of mould or Botrytis.