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Bio Green Hollandia Self Watering Propagator

This Bio Green Hollandia Self-Watering Propagator is a slimline, electric propagator which takes up very little space yet combines top quality features. Complete with three seed trays and covers you can create three, individual 'growth chambers' so you can raise different plant varieties all at the same time. Best of all, this propagator has a water reservoir and mat which allows you to ensure your plants are receiving water as they need it - plants are never under or over watered and the humid atmosphere will be conducive to healthy growth. 
This electric propagator consists of the following parts:

Heated Base Tray designed to give a lift of approx. 8*C above the ambient temperature. For accurate temperature control we recommend adding a thermostat, such as the Bio Green Thermo 2.

Built-in Self Watering System which will hold up to 1.4 litres of water. Water is transferred from the reservoir to the base of your seed trays using capillary matting (included).

Three Seed Trays With Covers these fit neatly onto the propagator and allow you to raise a selection of plants all at the same time. The clear covers have adjustable vents in the top to allow you to control ventilation. These seed trays are approx. 8Ľ" x 7" / 21 cm x 18cm.

Length 1ft 9Ľ inches / 54cm
Width 8 inches / 21cm
Height 6ľ inches / 17cm

Wattage 12.5w, with a mains cable approx. 6ft / 180cm.

Water Reservoir 2holds 1.4 litres.

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The heaters are not flued outside and should only be used in well ventilated greenhouses.
Designed and manufactured for safe operation in moist greenhouse environments.
Not only burning safely to produce and radiate heat, gas heaters also produce growth-enhancing CO2.

Gas heaters produce a 'moist' heat, so it's important to keep the greenhouse well ventilated by combining roof vents with louver windows.

Tips For Reliable Operation

When storing your gas heater in the summer, it should be stored in a bag, carton or something similar to protect it from spiders and insects. These small creatures are attracted by the aromatic substances in gas and often block the paths of the gas through dirt they bring in. The heater subsequently stops working and must be cleaned at a cost by a specialist gas company.