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Weeders & Weed Burners

With Garden Weeding Tools it's important to get the right tool for the job - using the wrong tool will result in roots being broken allowing weeds to come back again and again. Depending on the type of garden you have will affect which type of weeding tool or garden weeding tools you'll need.
The traditional weeding tool is a hoe and this is the main tool that you would use to keep flower beds or vegetable plots weed free. With a hoe the main aim is to cut through new weed roots before they get the chance to become established. To be effective using a hoe to clear the soil surface of weeds needs to be done on a regular basis.
For more established weeds you need to be able to remove the long tap root to prevent the weeds from coming back. Weeders are available designed to make it easy for you to do this - basically pushing the weeder onto the weed, twisting and pulling removes the weed with its roots. This type of weeding tool is used to tackle single weeds at a time but is very effective.
When removing weeds from between paving stones, along paths or in rockeries, you'll need to use a small, hand held tool. These types of weeding tool often have an L shaped blade that can get into narrow spaces to remove weeds, moss or anything else stuck in the gap.
Flame gun weeders are powered by gas and are used to destroy the cell structure of weeds without causing them to ignite. These Weed Burners are available as a small hand held burner for eradicating weeds in small areas. Or to tackler loads of weeds in quick time a Professional Weed Burner is available.