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Water Butts, Tanks & Kits

Water Butts make collection and storage of rain water in the garden easy. They are really simple to install - you can fit a water butt to any building that has a gutter - this could be your greenhouse, your house, a garden shed, your conservatory etc. And if you've a garden building without a gutter it's often worth adding one so you can collect more rainwater. As well as stocking water butts, we also stock a range of water butt accessories. These include water butt stands - these lift the water butt off the ground making it easy for you to sit a watering can below the water butt tap to fill it. When fitting a water butt to house guttering you'll use our Rain Sava which is used to divert water from the drainpipe to your water butt - and automatically send any excess water back down the drain. And if you want to save loads of rainwater we've got a Link Kit which you can use to join one water butt to another - so when one water butt is full the rainwater will automatically flow into the next one.

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