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Raised Bed Accessories

Make your raised bed an even more versatile and productive area for growing with this range of specially designed raised bed accessories. Add a cover to your raised bed and you transform it into a mini greenhouse or cold frame, providing your plants with more protection in the early spring when you first plant them and during the cooler autumn months when they may need more protection from the wind and rain.
Use your raised bed on a patio, decking, paved area or hard standing by fitting a liner or lining with a weed control fabric. This allows you to add compost and soil to the raised bed without marking the surface below and is especially useful if your raised beds are only being used for part of the year and stored away when not in use.
As Raised Beds are ideal for growing a wide range of vegetables or flowers, fit a support frame and use this either to support a protective material - such as shade netting in the summer or insect proof netting to protect crops - or to provide support for climbing plants.