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Plant Ties

Plant ties are used in the garden, greenhouse, polytunnel or indoors with houseplants to secure plants to their supports - this helps the plants to grow correctly and produces a more attractive plant than those inadequately supported. As Plant Supports & Ties are used with lots of different plants, in different sizes - such as trees to sweet peas - and different stem types - roses compared to tomatoes - you will find a wide range of ties available to suit every type of plant and situation.

Often the best tie is the simplest tie - and this is why we stock traditional raffia and jute twine. Both versatile and cheap, raffia and twine are gentle on plant stems and will rot away after a few years - so plants won't become 'strangled' as they outgrow their ties.

More permanent plant ties are those made from plastic. It's important when selecting a plastic tie to choose one that is large enough to allow the plant stem to grow unhindered - traditional 'figure of eight' ties are ideal for plants with soft stems - such as tomatoes - as they do not damage the stem by rubbing against it. Plastic plant ties are often reusable - so you can use the same set of ties year after year to provide strong, secure ties for your plants.