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Obelisks & Arches

An Obelisk is basically a column (or pyramid) that is wider at the base than it is at the top where the poles of the obelisk meet. Obelisks come in a wide array of sizes and styles - some are designed to be anchored into the ground, others are designed to be fitted into planters. Garden Obelisks are usually a minimum of 1 metre high - this size is best for lightweight climbers. You'll find obelisks made from willow or timber and others from metal - which you choose is very dependent on the style of garden you are fitting it into. Obelisks are useful for your garden in two ways. Firstly, they provide a strong support for climbing plants - whether these are decorative such as clematis, or practical, such as runner beans. And secondly, they create an instant focal point in your garden - even without a plant climbing through it.
Garden Arches are an ideal way of adding structure to your garden - they can be used as a 'doorway' between different areas of your garden, or use an arch to frame a feature within your garden - such as a statue - or use an arch to frame a view. You'll find arches made from timber or metal and in designs that are rustic or modern - simply select the style to compliment your garden. Ideally arches should be 2 metres tall or taller and be over a metre wide - this allows them to be comfortably walked through whilst still supplying a strong plant support for climbers with hanging foliage such as honeysuckle, roses, clematis etc.